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    How does PRP work

    Platelets contain many growth factors, at least 5-6 are well known and have previously been proven to be vital to bone and soft tissue healing.
    1. High concentration of platelets yielding various healing growth factors:
    • PDGF (Platelet derived growth factor)
    • TGF-α&β (Transforming Growth alpha and beta)
    • EFG-(Epidermal growth factor)
    • FGF-(Fibroblast growth factor)
    • IGF-(insulin Growth Factor)
    • PDAF-(Platelet derived angiogenesis factor)
    2. High concentration of WBC and Phagocytic cells
    3. Vasoactive and chemotactic agents

    For all PRP and Platelet Rich Plasma procedures, blood is required. Depending on the type of injury or location of the injury, the required whole blood amount could vary. It is important to have a final product that optimally provides the quickest and most complete healing cascade. Processing of PRP into either leukocyte poor or leukocyte rich PRP is mandatory by many doctors. Other white blood cells and components of blood have different healing qualities

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